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My name is {Kylie} (no, not Minogue, although I can also sing!). I'm a 35 year old wife and mommy doing my passion and calling as the Admin & Ops Coordinator for my church - Liberty Church South Africa

I met my guy {Jonathan Bentz} when I was 22. We met and got married in 2001 (I know what you're thinking, but when you know it's right, why wait!?). We had our first-born {Darren} in the November of 2004 and our second-born {Emily} in the January of 2007! 

We live in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our family is completed by our 2 Boxers {Doug & Lucy} (they are the best dogs to have with kids) and our 2 cats {Smudge & Ellie}...

Between work, church, wife-ing and parenting - I have a pretty busy (but seriously blessed) life! I love my coffee, my Kindle, my coffee, good red wine, my coffee (yes!... I love coffee THAT much, almost more than my kids *jokes*)

My son has Aspergers, ADHD and social anxiety (what an amazing journey we're on with him). My daughter is gentle and soft-hearted and does phenomenally well at ballet (even if I say so myself!)

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Chat soon,

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